What Are the Nouns

What are the nouns? Is the world of grammar a bit unknown for you? You can explore it with our help. We will begin our journey with one of the fundamental elements and namely NOUNS.

What are nouns?

  • In simple terms nouns are words that name or point out things, places and persons.
  • Nouns are part of a wide lexical class, which are used as the main word like as the subject of a clause, the object of a verb.

What are the nouns in English?

In English the nouns are classified as the words that go together with articles and attributive adjectives and are used as the headings of the noun phrases. In English grammar the nouns belong to one of the ten Parts of speech.

What are nouns functions in a sentence?

Nouns may have the following functions within sentences: subject, direct object, indirect object, object of preposition and subject complements.

Helen ordered a huge washing machine and a beautiful lamp for the living room.
The word Helen represents a subject for the verb to order (ordered).

In her opinion Jane is a liar.
Liar is the subject complement of the verb to be (is).

What are the nouns classifications in English?

  1. Proper nouns and common nouns
    Proper nouns refer to unique, specific things, places and people, while common nouns describe a class of entities. What are the nouns examples in this sense?
    Proper nouns: Atlantic Ocean, Mary, London
    Common nouns: restaurant, bed, chair, window
  2. Agent nouns are nouns that take the form of subjects in an action.
    Maker from to make, teacher from to teach
  3. Countable and uncountable nouns
    Countable nouns represent nouns that can make plural forms and may be accompanied by numerals.
    Uncountable nouns- cannot form plurals, as well as no combination with quantifiers.
    What are nouns examples for this classification?
    Countable nouns: chair, computer, TV
    Mass-nouns: furniture, cutlery
  4. Collective nouns describe the groups including several individuals or objects
    Committee, school
  5. Concrete and abstract nouns
    Concrete nouns are nouns that reveal physical items or entities - pear, Allan
    Abstract nouns are represented by ideas or concepts – justice, truth
  6. Noun phrases - are types of word combinations that derive from noun, pronoun.
  7. Pronouns - they replace nouns and noun phrases so as to evade recurrence or obvious recognition – he, she, I.
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